Gazela Bridge

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Gazela Bridge
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Gazela is the most important bridge in Belgrade, Serbia, across the Sava river. It is a part of the city highway and it lies on European route E75, on the highway passing through the wider city center, connecting Belgrade with NiA? to the south, and Novi Sad to the north. It was designed by a group of engineers led by Milan A?uriA? and built in 1966-1970, by Belgrade company Mostogradnja.The bridge is 332 m long and 27.5 m wide, with three lanes in each direction, and total road width of 21.8 m. It is constructed as a combination of beam and arch, with shallow-frame beam and diagonal steel-concrete abutments. The maximum height of the span centre is 22.8 m at median water level.The bridge is the chief connection line between city center and New Belgrade, and also carries the transit traffic on E70 and E75 highways through Belgrade. As such, it is extremely overloaded and a cause of frequent congestion, as it leans on the...

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