Geometric nonlinear functional analysis

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Geometric nonlinear functional analysis
American Mathematical Society
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The book presents a systematic and unified study of geometric nonlinear functional analysis. This area has its classical roots in the beginning of the twentieth century and is now a very active research area, having close connections to geometric measure theory, probability, classical analysis, combinatorics, and Banach space theory. The main theme of the book is the study of uniformly continuous and Lipschitz functions between Banach spaces (e.g., differentiability, stability, approximation, existence of extensions, fixed points, etc.). This study leads naturally also to the classification of Banach spaces and of their important subsets (mainly spheres) in the uniform and Lipschitz categories. Many recent rather deep theorems and delicate examples are included with complete and detailed proofs. Challenging open problems are described and explained, and promising new research directions are indicated.

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