Global Business Today with CD and OLC premium card

Global Business Today with CD and OLC premium card
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Рукописи поэта, О чтении рукописей Пушкина, "Все тихо - на Кавказ идет ночная мгла...", Три заметки о Пушкине, Из "последней тетради" Пушкина, Историко-литературные опыты Пушкина, Стихи о бедном рыцаре, История заполнения "Альбома 1833-1835 годов", "Езерский" и "Медный всадник", Стиховедение, О ритме, Драматический стих Пушкина, Шестистопный ямб Пушкина, История литературы, Драматургия Пушкина и русская драматургия XIX века, М.А.Цявловский и его статьи о Пушкине, Список трудов С.М.Бонди по пушкиноведению, Источники статей


Charles Hill’s Global Business Today, 4e (GBT) has become an established text in the International Business market for its excellent but concise coverage of the key global issues including the cultural context for global business, cross-border tradeand investment, the global monetary system and competition in the global environment. GBT’s concise chapters give a general introduction to international business - emphasizing the environmental factors, with less coverage of operations. Charles Hil is renowned for his attention to research trends and that is evident in Global Business Today, 4e through a variety of real world examples and cases from small, medium, and large companies throughout the world

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