Global Issues: An Introduction

Global Issues: An Introduction
Oxford University Press


Россия в войне 1941-1945


The new edition of this text has been fully updated throughout and features expanded sections on issues such as global warming, biotechnology, and energy. Global Issues is an introduction to the nature and background of some of the central issues - economic, social, political, environmental - of modern times. It will provide the basis for a stimulating course for beginning students in departments of geography, politics, sociology and environmental science. The book opens with an overview of the complex political, cultural and natural origins of world problems and of why some nations are rich and some are poor. The author then discusses in depth such issues as population growth, hunger, the extinction of species, global warming and climatic change, ozone depletion, energy conservation, deforestation, and the misuse of technology. The book covers a range of perspectives on a diversity of societies, developed and developing. The author writes clearly, stressing the need, by argument...

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