Global Outsourcing: Managing Governance and Global Partnerships

Global Outsourcing: Managing Governance and Global Partnerships
Charles River Media
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Global IT-outsourcing presents a far-reaching challenge for businesses. Managing the relationships on which a successful partnership is built is at the heart of successful outsourcing. This practical book combines both research and practice to explore how IT-outsourcing partnerships can be managed successfully. Building on experiences in the three main IT functions (logistics, treasury and document services), it draws from an extensive range of industry examples and cases from a global network of companies involved in outsourcing. Unusually for books published on this topic, the book gives equal weight to both sides of the relationship, and aims to provide a unique governance model for outsourcing partnerships, exploring the risks and responsibilities involved for both partners. Providing an accessible and cutting-edge perspective on this important topic, this book will be of interest to anyone studying IT strategy and interfirm relationships, and will be of...

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