Global Vision: Building New Models for the Corporation of the Future

Global Vision: Building New Models for the Corporation of the Future
Free Press
Мир маркетинга
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Foreword by Pierre Hessler, Vice President, IBM Corporation, Director General, Marketing Services and Operations, IBM, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The global marketplace offers incredible opportunities for growth and profit--and here is a resource that gives executives a tangible understanding of how to manage their companies to become successful global corporations. Based on a five-year IBM/Peat Marwick worldwide study, the book pinpoints the six strategic steps that must be taken in the first fiveyears of globalization: create a clear global vision, target the customer, get an accurate reading of what customers need and the resources to achieve it, move from isolation to partnership, nurture global employees, and use information technology to keep capability high and costs low. Plus, the book shows how to tailor a global approach to the critically important starting position of a company: as a global exporter (typically a Japanese approach), a multinational (U.S. approach), or...

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