Guodian The Newly Discovered Seeds of Chinese Religious and Political Philosophy

Guodian The Newly Discovered Seeds of Chinese Religious and Political Philosophy
ИГ "Весь"
Поступления - 2009 г. - Январь - Июль
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Богатый папа, бедный папа, Квадрант денежного потока, Руководство богатого папы по инвестированию, Богатый ребенок, умный ребенок


In 300 BCE, the tutor of the heir-apparent to the Chu throne was laid to rest in a tomb at Jingmen, Hubei province in central China. A corpus of bamboo-strip texts that recorded the philosophical teachings of an era was buried with him. The tomb was sealed, and China quickly became the theater of the Qin conquest, an event that proved to be one of the most significant in ancient history. For over two millennia, the texts were forgotten. But in October 1993, they were unearthed. The discovery of the Guodian texts, together with other recently discovered Warring States manuscripts, has revolutionized the study of early Chinese intellectual history. Kenneth Holloway argues that the Guodian corpus puts forth a political philosophy based on the harmonious interconnection of individuals engaged in moral self-cultivation. This unique worldview, says Holloway, cannot meaningfully be categorized as "Confucian" or "Daoist," because it shares important concepts and vocabulary with a number...

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