Hair: Surviving the Fall

Hair: Surviving the Fall
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Book DescriptionHAIR: Surviving the Fall is a self-help book for both men and women who suffer from hair loss. Hair is an important and symbolic part of the human body. It characterizes our personality, our personal identity, and our sexuality. Hence, its loss ? for both men and women ? has painful emotional consequences. Dr. Romweber provides historical, psychological and cultural contexts concerning the importance of head hair, and she shares the experiences of twenty diverse research subjects who experienced varying degrees of hair loss. Chapters include: the biological importance of head hair; the public importance of hair and the private effects of its loss; the unconscious meaning of hair; religious beliefs and the matter of hair; the sensual and romantic aspects of hair; grieving the loss of one?s hair; nine techniques for coping with hair loss; resolving the trauma of hair loss; past, present and future treatments for the regrowth of hair; wigs, wigbands, hair...

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