Handbook of Budgeting (Handbook of Budgeting)

Handbook of Budgeting (Handbook of Budgeting)
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A budget is the formal expression of the plans and objectives of management that covers all phases of operations for a specific period of time. Without clearly outlined budgets, corporations are unable to predict profits or losses or create plans for thefuture. The Fifth Edition of the Handbook of Budgeting has been fully revised and updated to help you keep up with this ever-changing world. This handbook shows controllers and budget directors how to create any style of budget, from traditional approaches to more cutting-edge approaches. Divided into five informative parts: An Introduction to Budgeting, Tools and Techniques, Preparation of Specific Budgets, Budgeting Applications, and Industry Budgets, this book provides complete coverage of the preparation, presentation, analysis, and effective use of the budgeting function. The Fifth Edition of the Handbook of Budgeting covers all facets of budget presentation for both profit and nonprofit organizations,...

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