Hard Market Selling

Hard Market Selling
South-Western, Thomson
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As the new economy continues to emerge from the rubble created by the dot-com disaster and the events of September 11, 2001, re-insurers, carriers, and agencies, along with the five million people working in the insurance industry, are scrambling to redefine their place in the market and return to prosperity. Hard Market Selling: Thriving in the New Insurance Era provides them with the tools to do so. Hard Market Selling guides each reader down a path of self-discovery and performance improvement. Starting with a state-of-the-industry: what?s right, what?s wrong, what needs to change, and how the changes will effect the market, the reader is challenged to cast aside traditional, "legacy" presumptions, historical performance benchmarks, and antiquated selling styles and replace them with an innovative, relationship-driven client development and service strategy that promotes value delivery, integrity, and partnership. Novel as this approach will appear, it?s...

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