Harry Potter: В 4 тт Серия:

Harry Potter: В 4 тт Серия:
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Неприступный Роберт де Ниро


It was a deadly mistake. Joseph Malik, editor of a radical magazine, has snooped into rumours about an ancient secret society that turned out to be still alive and kicking. Now his offices have been bombed, he`s gone missing, and the case has landed in the lap of a tough, cynical, streetwise New York detective. Saul Goodman knows he`s stumbled onto something big - but even he can`t guess how far into the pinnacles of power this conspiracy of evil has penetrated. Brimming with sex and violence - in and out of time and space - the three books of `The Illuminatus! Trilogy` are only partly works of the imagination. They tackle all the important cover-ups of our time - from who really shot the Kennedys to why there`s a pyramid on a one-dollar bill - and suggest a truly mind-blowing reality.

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