Health Policy: A Critical Perspective

Health Policy: A Critical Perspective
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Пашков дом, Старая Москва, Трамвай из предместья, Последний этаж, Азиатский грипп, "И аз воздам...", Дело о шубе, Ночные голоса, Визит, Презумпция невиновности, Теория поля, Скорбный лист, Протокол, Особняк на Пречистенке


This book provides a critical assessment of developments in health and healthcare policy. Primarily focusing on the UK, the chapters cover issues such as the policy-making process; the development of the NHS; health care governance; health promotion; and the comparative analysis of health care systems within the EU and US. Each chapter brings together social and political themes to offers a unique combination of theory, historical detail, and wider social commentary. Case studies illustrate how policy has evolved and developed in recent years, and the implications these changes have for practice. Written in an accessible style the chapters highlight key concepts and also include comprehensive introductions and summaries. Each chapter will include case studies to illustrate the planning, implementation, and assessment of specific policies. This is a timely and authoritative textbook that covers a key topic of the curriculum whilst also contributing to topical debates. The book will be...

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