Historia de Mayta/ Real Life of Alejandro Mayta (Spanish Edition)

Historia de Mayta/ Real Life of Alejandro Mayta (Spanish Edition)
Ballantine Books
Мистика и триллеры. Поступления - 2009 г.
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Алое кольцо, История жилички под вуалью, Союз рыжих, Пять апельсиновых зернышек, Человек с рассеченной губой, Пляшущие человечки, Три студента, Черный доктор, Голубой карбункул, Желтое лицо, Случай с переводчиком


In this novel Vargas Llosa introduces us to Mayta, the headman in a Trotskyist attempted coup in 1958. Using testimonies from those who knew him and the subsequent confrontation of this tale, charged with subjectivism, against reality, Vargas Llosa leads us to the intimate knowledge of a man, the embodiment of social exclusion, the son of a period of ideological conflicts and political passions, and to the understanding of a turnkey moment in the evolution of Latin America, a time of darkness, a time where the vindication of rights was achieved through violence. In the end, we ll come to understand the limitations of truth, as History is written based on personal fiction and the language of fiction betrays reality. Description in Spanish: Relato de un tiempo de reivindicacion violenta de los derechos y deseos de America Latina, Historia de Mayta se desarrolla en 1958, durante una intentona revolucionaria trotskista. Vargas Llosa dibuja un perfecto mural de los movimientos de...

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