Historical Atlas of Central Europe

Historical Atlas of Central Europe
University of Washington Press
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Рассказы на веранде, Веранда, Писец Бартлби, Энкантадас, или Заколдованные острова, Башня с колоколом, Повести, Скрипач, Я и мой камин, Билли Бад, фор-марсовый матрос, Бенито Серено, Бартлби и другие


"This first-rate sequel to the "Historical Atlas of East Central Europe" takes a mostly chronological approach to the region, providing histories of the various areas, as well as maps that show not just political boundaries but also population and population movements, canal and railroad construction, industrial growth, linguistic distribution, and cultural and educational institutions, among other factors. An effective use of color makes for maps that are easy to read and interpret. There is considerably more to this revised edition than the name change; the previous edition, though up-to-date for its time, was published just as the Soviet empire was crumbling and the Soviet Union itself was splintering into l5 independent republics. The current edition has integrated those historical changes and of 109 color maps presents 21 that are new and 41 that are substantially revised. As to the title change, Magocsi (chair, Ukrainian studies, Univ. of Toronto; A History of Ukraine)...

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