Home Recording for Beginners

Home Recording for Beginners
Hal Leonard Corporation
Поступления - 2009г.
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Спящая красавица, Госпожа Метелица, Золотой гусь, Черт с тремя золотыми волосами, Живая вода, Русалка в пруду


This book guides beginners step-by-step, through the fundamentals of home recording, using the computer as the recording medium. The emphasis is on practical instruction, delivered over the course of 30 lessons in easy-to-understand language and logical sequence and with real examples for the reader to try out. Essential technical knowledge and theory are introduced and explained along the way as it becomes relevant and necessary. It also takes the reader through what they will need (equipment and cost) if they wish to progress to creating a serious home studio. The book is not software-based, but examples are shown using REAPER, a low-cost Digital Audio Workstation. A 30-day evalutation copy of REAPER is provided on the accompanying CD.

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