Hospitality Management Accounting

Hospitality Management Accounting
The MIT Press
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Intermediate Accounting, 2e, by Spiceland/Sepe/Tomassini will gain support in traditional and technology-driven accounting departments, especially those looking for a more concise, decision making text that reinforces challenging concepts via CD-ROM. The revision of this text is based around a “Learning System.” The Learning System is comprised of the text, Coach CD-ROM, and Web site. The Coach CD-ROM is a multimedia product integrating audio and video clips, animated illustrations, and alternative reading material that helps students comprehend some of the more difficult topics associated with intermediate accounting. Designed specifically for the Spiceland text, instructors and students will find these learning tools placed strategically throughout the text. This is the most comprehensive Learning System in Intermediate Accounting. At only 1120 pages (300 pages less than the average intermediate accounting text), Spiceland/S/T has not sacrificed content for...

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