Hotline New Intermediate: Student`s book

Hotline New Intermediate: Student`s book
Oxford University Press
Английский язык (архив)
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New Hotline. Intermediate. Workbook


`New Hotline` is a revised edition of `Hotline`, the highly successful English course for teenagers. `New Hotline` retains all the strengths of the original course reinforced and updated with the addition of new and improved features. The four-level course may be started at beginner level (`New Hotline Starter`) or false beginner level (`New Hotline Elementary`). `New Hotline` will take students to an intermediate level of English. Its key features are: A loopback syllabus. The course incorporates extensive recycling and revision of language, ensuring that what is studied is learnt, remembered and easily recalled when needed. A grammar-based analytical approach. . Grammar is treated as a problem-solving activity and students are treated as thinkers who are guided to work out the rules of grammar for themselves. A clear and comprehensive Grammar reference section is provided for reinforcement. Skills work. All...

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