How to Play Against 1 e4

How to Play Against 1 e4
Hal Leonard Corporation
Поступления - 2009г.
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Спящая красавица, Госпожа Метелица, Золотой гусь, Черт с тремя золотыми волосами, Живая вода, Русалка в пруду


It’s not easy finding a good opening to play against 1 e4, especially if you don’t have endless time available to study the latest theoretical developments. If you choose fashionable openings, it’s often a necessity to keep pace with modern theory if you want to succeed with Black. This book provides a solution. Neil McDonald advocates his favourite opening – the very popular French Defence – but chooses a repertoire for Black that requires only the minimum amount of move memorization. The lines he selects are very easy to learn and play – perfect for those who are unwilling to be slaves to opening theory. But there’s also something here for more experienced players, as McDonald goes on to offer a second repertoire based on counter-attacking lines against 3 Nc3 and 3 Nd2. *An easy-to-learn defence against 1 e4*Provides solutions to all of White’s options*Written by a world-renowned expert on the French*Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players

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