How to Survive in Anaesthesia

How to Survive in Anaesthesia
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How to Survive in Anaesthesia , third edition, continues to provide an essential, step–by–step guide for new trainees to practical procedures in anaesthesia. The popularity of the book is attributed to the authors? exceptional knowledge in the area – they can now claim 60 years of anaesthetic experience between them – combined with the thoughtful layout of the content. In this new edition, two new chapters on anaesthetic mishaps and the recognition and management of the sick patient have been added. Resuscitation guidelines, intubation procedures and aspects of laryngeal mask design have also been updated. The clear text, interspersed with bullet–point boxes highlighting the procedures, is quick and easy to follow. The authors? light–hearted style is a welcome introduction to what can be a very daunting period in the trainee’s career. How to Survive in Anaesthesia has also proved very popular with ODPs (Operation Department Practitioners).

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