Human Aspects of Software Engineering (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series)

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Human Aspects of Software Engineering (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series)
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Book Description The more the software industry matures, the more it is accepted by the software engineering community that the people involved in software development processes deserve more attention than the processes or technologies themselves. To this end, Human Aspects of Software Engineering details software engineering from the perspective of those involved in the process: individuals, teams, customers, and the organization. The book is written for software engineering students and professional software developers. It illustrates the richness and complexity of the human aspects of software engineering and covers the problems, questions, and conflicts that arise during development. The importance of these issues is widely acknowledged in the industry and academia, because many of the failures of software systems can be traced to human factors. This, however, is the first textbook fora full course on the topic. Focusing on the different social and cognitive aspects of software...

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