Human Motion: Understanding, Modelling, Capture, and Animation (Computational Imaging and Vision)

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Human Motion: Understanding, Modelling, Capture, and Animation (Computational Imaging and Vision)
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The study of human motion dates back more than 2000 years. With the event of information technology, new areas have been added to this field. Research using computer vision and computer graphics contributes to a transformation of biomechanics into a discipline that now applies computing technology throughout; on the other hand, computer vision and computer graphics also benefit from defining goals aimed at solving problems in biomechanics. Besides interactions, all three areas also developed their own inherent research dynamics towards studying human motion. Researchers from all three of these areas have contributed to this book to promote the establishment of human motion research as a multi-facetted discipline and to improve the exchange of ideas and concepts between these three areas. Some chapters review the state of the art whilst others report on leading edge research results, with applications in medicine, sport science, cinematography and robotics.

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