Human Relations Development: A Manual for Educators (7th Edition)

Human Relations Development: A Manual for Educators (7th Edition)
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Expertise in listening, perceiving, communicating, and responding to others are essential skills in developing interpersonal relationships, and a potent means of preventing misunderstanding. This book serves as an important skills manual for improving human relations; it is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in improving communication skills and the larger family of "generic life skills" required to function as a confident member of society. This book emphasizes that interpersonal communication and human relations are one of four generic life skills. Core conditions of empathy, respect, warmth, concreteness, genuineness, appropriate self-disclosure, confrontation, and immediacy are addressed and applied chapter by chapter. Scales for each of the above are included so that trainers can learn how to rate their level of functioning on each condition and globally. Issues of the changing roles of educators and applications of multicutural-related issues in schools and the...

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