Human Resource Policies and Procedures for Nonprofit Organizations

Human Resource Policies and Procedures for Nonprofit Organizations
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Get the toolsA‚A youA‚A needA‚A to build a successful human resource management system! Learn aboutA‚A organizational policies and procedures, nondiscrimination/affirmative action, recruitment, hiring, termination, compensation, supervision, employment conditions, administration, and volunteer policies--theA‚A framework for developing a comprehensive human resource management system forA‚A paid employees, volunteer workers, and outsourced work. This practical guideA‚A hasA‚A handy features like a customizable CD-ROMA‚A full ofA‚A sample policies, procedures, and forms that can be easilyadapted to individual nonprofit organizations of any size, and it usesA‚A checklistsA‚A extensively,A‚A enabling you to perform aA‚A step-by-step implementation of a complete, up-to-date human resource management system.

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