Illustrated Dictionary of Architectural Preservation

Illustrated Dictionary of Architectural Preservation
Lulu Press
История и архитектура
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Доброй ночи, Спать ложатся дети, Спи, мой милый, Спи, баю-бай


Book Description Offspring of human women and fallen angels, the Nephilim are a mighty and dark force to be reckoned with. Their blackened hearts, awesome strength and depraved ways were of the greatest factors for the Biblical flood. Powerful, towering, beautiful and capable of performing fantastic feats, what would occur if ever there happened to be even one Nephilim serving on the side of righteousness? There are three. Immortal, those three live out extensive lives in which they are brought together over five hundred years later for an extreme cause . . . a cause which will forever change the world. The planet is again being populated by the dreaded Nephilim. They, alongside their Grigori sires and a horde of demon brethren within the satanic hierarchy, have made their presence known to the entire world. Liars by nature, they convince humans worldwide that they are extraterrestrials who have returned to the planet they claim to have created fro...

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