Imaging spectrometry, a tool for environmental observations

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Imaging spectrometry, a tool for environmental observations
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The technique of imaging spectrometry has now passed its infancy and entered a new phase of application-oriented research. Advanced sensor systems have become available for international research programmes, new imaging spectrometers are under development in several European countries or have already passed their acceptance tests, and first high spectral resolution imaging systems are already being operated by private industry. On a European level, the EARSEC programme of the Joint Research Centre has provided considerable financial investment for the development of an imaging spectrometer which covers the reflective and important parts of the emission spectrum, and the European Space Agency has initiated an important airborne remote sensing campaign in which imaging spectrometry will constitute one of the most important components. Progress has also been made in the development of data preprocessing methods, spectral signature modelling and semiempirical approaches to the retrieval of surface parameters. This volume presents the lectures of the second Eurocourse on imaging spectrometry which was held in November 1992 at the Joint Research Centre. The book completes the information on the principles of imaging spectrometry and, at the same time, emphasises the presentation of further application-oriented case studies. Selected topics include the assessment of terrestrial ecosystems (vegetation, agriculture, soil erosion and inland water quality). The contributions have been written by invited experts from universities and research institutes in Europe and the United States.

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