Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office

Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office
For Dummies
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Offering guidance for all aspects of submitting, tracing, appealing, and transmitting claims for todays full range of health plans, this essential reference streamlines administrative procedures and increases office efficiency during the insurance billing process. The 9th edition has been completely updated to include the latest information on essential topics such as the HIPAA regulations, diagnostic coding, procedural coding, office and insurance collection strategies, Medicare, and more. In addition, this trusted resource of choice for medical insurance specialists is now printed in full color and contains a CD-ROM that features Altapoint software that simulates the billing process and provides real world experience. All content has been reviewed by industry experts and meticulously updated to reflect recent changes in insurance claim filing. Procedural coding (CPT and HCPCS) and diagnostic coding (ICD-9-CM) and required documentation are emphasized as...

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