Integrated Converters: D to A and A to D Architectures, Analysis and Simulation

Integrated Converters: D to A and A to D Architectures, Analysis and Simulation
Oxford University Press
Поступления - 2009 г. - Январь - Июль
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Канатная плясунья, Кто-то за дверью, Убийство в спальном вагоне


Analog to digital and digital to analog converters are essential interfaces between computers and the outside world. They interface most signal processing devices and are embedded in an ever larger number of integrated circuits used for example in the telecommunications industry, remote control devices, and medical electronic instruments. This book surveys recent progress and gives an account of the working principles of integrated converters. It describes the architectures and discusses accuracy and speed in depth. The supporting web site provides MATLAB programs (in UNIX, PC, and Mac versions) which allow the reader to experiment with some of the concepts explained in the book. The appendix describes how to use the programs in order to simulate converters at the system level; thirteen examples are given to show what is feasible and how to run programs.

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