Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Practices in Israeli College Libraries

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Practices in Israeli College Libraries
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The book is based on research which aimed to characterize the interlibrary loans practices in Israeli college libraries and to assess the effects of increased demand on the university libraries who were the main suppliers of college libraries ILL requests. The results show that the college libraries request predominantly from the social sciences and humanities and that university libraries specializing in these fields were the main suppliers. They also showed that university libraries with large book collections received more requests from colleges than libraries with smaller specialized collections. The main effects on the universities of increased demand for ILL was staff pressure and organizational changes such as standardization and widespread use of software. The study recommends that college libraries use the same ILL software as the universities, continue to develop their collections so that they are able to reciprocate in the ILL process, and increase cooperation by creating...

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