Introduction to Media Production, Fourth Edition: The Path to Digital Media Production

Introduction to Media Production, Fourth Edition: The Path to Digital Media Production
Focal Press
Поступления - 2009г.
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Introduction to Media Production began years ago as an alternative text that would cover ALL aspects of media production, not just film or just tv or just radio. Kindem and Musburger needed a book that would show students how every form of media intersects with one another, and about how one needs to know the background history of how film affects video, and how video affects working in a studio, and ultimately, how one needs to know how to put it all together. Introduction to Media Production is the book that shows this intersection among the many forms of media, and how students can use this intersection to begin to develop their own high quality work.Introduction to Media Production is a primary source for students of media. Its readers learn about various forms of media, how to make the best use of them, why one would choose one form of media over another, and finally, about all of the techniques used to create a media project. The digital revolution has exploded all the former...

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