Introduction to Online Legal, Regulatory & Intellectual Prop (Business Research Solutions)

Introduction to Online Legal, Regulatory & Intellectual Prop (Business Research Solutions)
Grove Press
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Book Description Introduction to Online Legal, Regulatory&Intellectual Property Research provides practical, step-by-step guidelines for researching legal issues ? from the simple to complex. In addition to helping readers determine the scope of the research they need, the book also offers detailed coverage of potential resources ? including the difference between public and private information, free vs. fee-based resources, and insight into determining the quality of sources. It highlights sources for?novices? as well as ?experts,? and it offers valuable tips for reporting research results. Like all the titles in the Business Research Series, this book is conveniently divided into four sections containing a number of business research applications that can be used for both in-house research training and reference. Internet research can be quick, easy, and abundant ? but also challenging. Research sites sometimes come and go, and sources can be questionable. The Business Research...

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