Journey to the Center of My Being

Journey to the Center of My Being
Новые поступления - 2010 г. Здоровье духовное и физическое
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"Journey to the Center of My Being" is a remarkable account of a deep and personal voyage across the American West in a 27-foot motorhome. Spiritual, mythological, transformatory. Escaping from a life of anguish, anger and guilt, the author drove over 10,000 miles from Santa Cruz in California across Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon in search of a deeper spiritual meaning to existence. He entered caves, performed fire dances, circle ceremonies, dream work, walking meditations, mountain top rituals, and endured months of intense inner questioning that led, ultimately, to a more profound self-knowledge. He discovered a simple, direct and profoundly spiritual connection with the natural world and a deep sense of unity with all around him that was free of gods or hells, of karma or sin, of prophets, gurus or holy books, of anguish or self-righteousness, but rested solely in his direct communion with the energy of the earth and its countless wonderful forms.

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