Judicial Reform and Land Reform in the Roman Republic

Judicial Reform and Land Reform in the Roman Republic
Cambridge University Press
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Twelve fragments of bronze were found near Urbino in the late fifteenth century, engraved with Roman laws - on one side a law concerning extortion, on the other an agrarian law. The text, when complete, would have been much longer and more complex than most other Latin documents known to us. Dating as they do from the time of the Gracchi and of Marius in the later years of the Roman Republic, the laws are of considerable interest to Roman historians and are important evidence for the understanding of the revolutionary period which led to the overthrow of the Republic. In this volume, which is reprinted unaltered from the 1992 text, Dr Lintott offered a complete re-edition of these complicated and fragmentary texts, including a revision of the relationship between the fragments and full discussion of the manuscript sources of those lost. The texts are accompanied by facing English translations, and the commentary which follows discusses in detail the issues involved in...

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