Justice for All: The Truth About Metallica

Justice for All: The Truth About Metallica
Pearson ESL
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Обольщение, Дорогая Марла, Плохая киска, Для тебя, Щедрый подарок лета, Капитан, можно?, Силовая игра, Секс-клуб "Опьянение" в Париже, Общаясь языками, Рэп на день рождения, Оставь сообщение, Его руки, Случай в ресторане, Золото, Химия, Неожиданная встреча, Подземка, Лихорадка, У всех на глазах, В дыму Кэмел Лайт, Диско-дрема, Дай мне блеска, Шестой уровень по кински, Настоящая причина, почему я ношу длинные волосы, Мокрая Гвен, Встреча за обедом, Поездка на поезде, Настоящие рыжие, Долгий путь домой, Внутри, Дерн, Отшлепай меня, Медовый месяц, Помощница фокусника, Костюм


Book DescriptionFor over two decades Metallica has been testing the boundaries of speed, heaviness, and volume with their music, selling over 85 million albums in the process and becoming one of the biggest musical acts in American history. Their early years were a blur of drunken club dates and endless tours. Later they became one of the world?s most respected extreme metal acts despite the death of their bass player Cliff Burton. They have engaged in a legal tussle with Napster, and have gone through rehab and therapy to emerge from the other side a new and wiser band. As well as telling Metallica?s story with a level of detail and eyewitness veracity which has never been attempted before, Joel McIver has exposed the biggest myths about the band and told the simple truth about how they originated and what the real facts are. He has interviewed over 75 prominent musicians, producers, writers, band associates and Metallica family members to get to the truth behind what...

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