Kahn & Engelmann: A Novel

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Kahn & Engelmann: A Novel
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A critical and commercial success in German, 'Kahn & Engelmann' tells the story of a Jewish family from rural Hungary, their immigration to Vienna in the great days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, their loves, business ventures and failings, and their eventual tragic destruction. Narrated by Peter Engelmann, who wishes only to forget his past, this highly original novel recreates a vanished Vienna with salty humor and humanity. In a voice which is appealing without being sentimental, Peter describes his escape from the Nazis through snowy woods, his attempts to start a new life in England and Canada, and his decision to immigrate to Israel. Written by an eminent scholar, himself a survivor of Nazism, 'Kahn & Engelmann' is both an entertaining novel and a major work of Holocaust literature.

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