Labor Guide to Labor Law (4th Edition)

Labor Guide to Labor Law (4th Edition)
Centre for Economic Policy Research
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History and Politics, The Treatment of Capitalism by Historians, The Anticapitalist Bias of American Historians, The Treatment of Capitalism by Continental Intellectuals, The Standard of Life of the Workers in England, 1790-1830, The Factory System of the Early Nineteenth Century


This authoritative guide to labor law in the private sector is written from a union perspective and emphasizes the issues of greatest importance to unions. It covers the essential information needed to acquire a basic understanding of labor law and how it pertains to the workplace. Federal Regulations of Labor Management Relations. The Collective Bargaining Unit. Union Organizing Rights and Election Campaigns. The Duty to Bargain. Strikes, Striker Rights, and Lockouts. Union Regulation of Work and the Antitrust Laws. Enforcement of Collective Bargaining Agreements and the Duty to Arbitrate. Rights and Responsibilities of Union Members. The Duty of Fair Representation. Equal Employment Opportunity. Federal State Relationships in Labor Relations. For union officers and representatives or anyone else who needs to review or learn the basics of labor law.

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