Learn MS Excel 2002 VBA/XML Programming

Learn MS Excel 2002 VBA/XML Programming
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Designed to provide non-developers with a hands-on guide to Excel Visual Basic for Applications, Learn Microsoft Excel 2002 VBA Programming with XML and ASP gives users a wide range of VBA coverage, along with an introduction to the Extensible Markup Language and Active Server Pages technologies. * Quickly learn how to program by utilizing the built-in macro recorder. * Add decision making and repetition to your procedures. * Control other applications from within Excel through Automation. * Create and customize user forms, menus, and toolbars. * Learn how to handle errors and debug your programs by using built-in debugging tools. * Perform Microsoft Access tasks from within Excel. * Discover how to put Excel data on a web page and retrieve data from the web into an Excel worksheet. * Work with Excel spreadsheets saved in XML format. * Program special features such as the Microsoft Office XP PivotTable and PivotChart web components. *...

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