Leaving England

Leaving England
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This is the true story of a couple who, when freed from their parental responsibilities, leave their jobs, sell their home, and set off to find a new life in scenic Cornwall. Written in the first person, with unreserved candour and plenty of humour, the author reveals the trials and tribulations of the challenge of establishing a B&B with no previous experience, in a part of the country which considers itself definitely not part of England. Settling in an ancient town where the pace of life is reminiscent of their childhoods, they do their best to offer a five star experience to guests from all over the world in exchange for very little cash. The characters with whom they come into contact throughout are vividly and authentically portrayed, and an indomitable spirit and wonderful sense of humour prevails as their journey into previously uncharted territory progresses. "Leaving England" cannot help but conjure up admiration for this enterprising couple. Precisely and...

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