Linux Bible 2010 Edition

Linux Bible 2010 Edition
Книги издательства Willey
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Voted one of the five "Favorite Linux Books of All Time" by readers of Linux Journal ! Try out 18 different Linux distributions to see which one is right for you Many Internet sites you visit or gadgets you use are run by Linux systems. Now you can try out Linux on your own PC! Run Linux live or install it side by side with your Windows or Mac OS system. This book includes step–by–step instructions and software to use Linux as a desktop, server, or programmer?s workstation. Move to software freedom and find the right Linux for your home, school, small business, or enterprise. Install and use the latest Linux systems for desktops and servers Access free and open sourcesoftware for e–mail, Web browsing, and games Launch all your music, video, images, and documents in Linux Set up your own print, file, e–mail, and Web servers Get a stable and secure system using Linux firewall and security...

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