Long Term Evolution: 3GPP LTE Radio and Cellular Technology

Long Term Evolution: 3GPP LTE Radio and Cellular Technology
Auerbach Publications
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While 3G has been an outstanding success, the ever-growing demand for higher data rates and higher quality mobile communication services continues to fuel conflict between the rapidly growing number of users and limited bandwidth resources. In the future, a 100-fold increase in mobile data traffic is expected. That will necessitate further improvements to 3GPP LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and create limitless opportunities for engineers who understand the technology and how to apply it to deliver enhanced services.

Long Term Evolution: 3GPP LTE Radio and Cellular Technology outlines the best way to position yourself now for future success. With coverage ranging from basic concepts to current research, this comprehensive reference contains technical information about all aspects of 3GPP LTE. It details low chip rate, high-speed downlink/uplink packet access (HSxPA)/TDSCDMA EV 1x, LTE TDD, and 3G TDD. It introduces new technologies and covers methodologies to study the performance of frequency allocation schemes. The authors also discuss the proposed architecture of Mobile IPRR and distributed dynamic architecture in wireless communication, covering performance evaluation of the TD-SCDMA LTE System.

With each passing day, more and more users are demanding mobile broadband data access everywhere, to facilitate synchronization of e-mails, Internet access, specific applications, and file downloads to mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, and notebooks. LTE, successor to the 3G mobile radio network, is essential to creating radio coverage in the rollout phase and high capacity all over the radio cell in the long term. The 3GPP LTE will become increasingly crucial to supporting the high demand of data traffic rates generated by future mobile user terminals. Authored by international experts in the field, this practical book is an extremely valuable guide that addresses emerging current and future technologies associated with LTE and its future direction.

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