Methods in Plant Cell Biology

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Methods in Plant Cell Biology
Academic Press
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Methods in Plant Cell Biology provides in two volumes a comprehensive collection of analytical methods essential for researchers and students in the plant sciences. Individual chapters, written by experts in the field, provide an introductory overview, followed by a step-by-step technical description of the methods. This is accompanied by examples of typical results, illustrations, troubleshooting of potential pitfalls, sources of chemicals and equipment, and complete reference lists. Protocols are written to be easily comprehended by beginning research students, but these extensive volumes will also be a valuable addition to the libraries of expert researchers.

Key Features
* Written by experts, many of whom have developed the individual methods described
* Contains most, if not all, the methods needed for modern research in plant cell biology
* Up-to-date and comprehensive
* Full references
* Allows quick access to relevant journal articles and to the sources of chemicals required for the procedures
* Selective concentration on higher plant methods allows for particular emphasis on those problems specific to plants

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