Machine Design (4th Edition)

Machine Design (4th Edition)
Новинки академической литературы Америки - 2010
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An integrated, case-based approach to Machine Design. Robert Norton’s Machine Design is an up-to-date text that helps students develop a fundamental understanding of the underlying theories behind design problems. Rather than taking a “cookbook” approach to the subject that presents a collection of disparate topics, this text offers an integrated approach tomachine elements using case studies to illustrate and tie key concepts together. Introduction to Design; Materials and Processes; Load Determination; Stress, Strain, and Deflection; Static Failure Theories; Fatigue Failure Theories; Surface Failure; Finite Element Analysis; Design Case Studies; Shafts, Keys, and Couplings; Bearings and Lubrication; Spur Gears; Helical, Bevel, and Worm Gears; Spring Design; Screws and Fasteners; Weldments; Clutches and Breaks; Material Properties; Beam Tables; Stress-Concentration Factors For anyone interested in understanding the theory behind machine design.

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