Mammalian TRP Channels as Molecular Targets

Mammalian TRP Channels as Molecular Targets
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Transient receptor potential (TRP) genes were originally identified as encoding critical components of phototransduction in Drosophila . Since the discovery of the first mammalian transient receptor potential channel (TRPC), more than 20 mammalian homologues have been reported. These ion channel proteins are widely distributed in tissues and appear to play a fundamental role in cell signalling, growth and death. There are two major subfamilies of TRP channels. The TRPV channels include the VR1 vanilloid receptor, epithelial Ca 2+ channels and OTRPC4, a channel that appears to be regulated by changes in osmolarity. Their functions may range from sensory transduction in nerves to Ca 2+ transport in the gastrointestinal tract and renal tubule. The TRPM channels, which are the largest proteins in the TRP family, include the founding member, melastatin, and a novel bifunctional channel enzyme, TRP–PLIK. This book brings together contributions from key...

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