Managing Information & Systems

Managing Information & Systems
Сеанс, Амфора
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Предисловие, Егор и Настя, Счастливые дни, Пан, Про уродов и людей, Трофим, Брат, Брат-2, На краю земли, Война, Американец, Груз 200, Приложения, Балабанов о Балабанове, ...и другие о Балабанове, Фильмография


Managing Information & Systems is primarily focused on the management of information and IS. The aim throughout is to demonstrate theory in practice by including examples taken from the business world and each chapter ends with a revelant international case study, from both the private and public sectors, developing this application of theoretical concepts further. Topics include: * The nature of organizations * Management roles and functions * Information as a resource * Systems approaches * Different IS and what they can achieve * Structural and cultural fit and IS * Change management and IS and strategic business and IS management This textbook combines readability with theoretical academic concepts and is suitable for both advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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