Managing Your Wired Workforce: A Practical Guide

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Managing Your Wired Workforce: A Practical Guide
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Book DescriptionManaging Your Wired Workforce is intended for business owners, executives and managers whose employees have access to the Internet. The book identifies crucial issues like Internet security, employee Internet usage, and identity theft. Itprovides comprehensive information on how to effectively deal with and resolve these issues before they become a problem. Managing Your Wired Workforce will be a tremendous asset to any manager faced with the complexities of supervising employees in the wired world we work in. It will prove useful to not only businesses with no Internet policies and little understanding of the magnitude of potential problems resulting from lack of oversight, but also for businesses with basic policies in place as a double check. The book identifies Internet issues that every manager needs to face: (1) Internet security issues, and an overview of how best to deal with them; (2) Identity theft and the Internet in the workplace; (3) Managing Internet...

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