Managing the Lodging Operation

Managing the Lodging Operation
Сеанс, Амфора
Christie, Agatha
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Using an understandable, reader-friendly writing style to provide comprehensive coverage, this book focuses on an industry-oriented description of the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully run a hotel. The various elements of the book are applicable to all operating departments in a lodging operation, though viewed from the perspective of a General Manager. Emphasis on financial responsibility is evident throughout the book’s theoretical model of how to manage a hotel, research-based presentation of what General Managers actually do, and explanation of how to become profitable through the delivery of service and quality. Chapter topics cover managing supply and demand, improving employee performance, increasing income, revenue and cost management, improving productivity, managing customer service, and managing quality. For individuals interested in the field of hotel management, and for hotel managers who aspire to become General Managers. ...

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