Marketing Management: Text and Cases

Marketing Management: Text and Cases
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Connecting with consumer needs, Staying consumer focused, Building an internet mega-brand, Making sure the consumer has a seat at the table, Building a powerful marketing engine, How brands and marketing are evolving together, Marlboro Friday: branding a product, Providing choice, Turning a brand into a national pastime


For those who are seeking a career in hospitality, hotel, and restaurant management, this edition of Hospitality and Travel Marketing expresses the relationship between marketing and the tourism industry, and emphasizes a broader marketing perspective through collaborative efforts between hotels, airlines, restaurants, and travel agencies. Written to engage readers in understanding all aspects of marketing, some of the topics covered include: research and analysis; plans and strategies; marketing segmentation and trends; product development; partnership; people and service; packaging; the distribution mix and the travel trade; communications; advertising; sales promotion and merchandising; sales management; personal selling; public relations; and pricingand evaluation. The book is organized around the Hospitality and Travel Marketing System model which serves as a guide to understanding marketing functions and related techniques. Complete with references, web links, and four-color...

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