Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations
John Wiley and Sons, Ltd
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The second edition of Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations provides a comprehensive overview of the theory behind nonprofit marketing and analyzes key nonprofit contexts such as fundraising, the arts, education, healthcare, volunteering. theublic sector and the arena of social ideas. The text is divided into three parts, mirroring the syllabus that is taught on many undergraduate and MBA course modules. Its begins with an introduction to the nonprofit sector and the topic of marketing befre moving on to develop a framework for marketing planning, including a detailed consideration of topics such as overall direction, market segmentation, branding and positioning. The text concludes with a series of chapters that explore the applicatio of marketing in a number of specific contexts. Each chapter contains an outline of its objectives, discussion questions and a summary of the key areas covered. Second and third year undergraduate and postgraduate students taking...

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