Mastering Counselling Skills (Palgrave Master)

Mastering Counselling Skills (Palgrave Master)
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Анжелика, Путь в Версаль, Анжелика и король, Неукротимая Анжелика, Бунтующая Анжелика, Любовь Анжелики, Анжелика в новом свете, Искушение Анжелики, Анжелика и Демон, Анжелика и заговор теней, Анжелика в Квебеке, Анжелика. Дорогой надежды, Анжелика. Победа, Анжелика в поисках Эльдорадо


A practical book to support learning and application of communication and basic counselling skills in the wide range of services which offer information, guidance, support and advice. The content and approach are suitable for professionals within caring services, health, education and social welfare, in face to face interactions and in offering information and help over the telephone. The book enhances the value of even the shortest exchange on the telephone by showing how essential skills of attention, reflective listening and positive use of communication skills support a helping and respectful approach to clients.

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