Merb: What You Need to Know (Firstpress)

Merb: What You Need to Know (Firstpress)
Microsoft Press
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Merb: What You Need To Know, a 100–page firstPress eBook, skips preliminaries and gives developers information on what makes Merb unique, its strengths, and its weaknessesa??in other words, what a typical developer would like to know. What you’ll learn Merb is an MVC framework that is ORM–agnostic, JavaScript librarya?"agnostic, and template languagea?"agnostic. Merb generally uses plug–ins, adding support for a particular feature rather than using a library kitchen–sink approach. This aspect of Merb has led to third–party support for the ActiveRecord, Sequel, and DataMapper ORMs. Merb core code is simple, fast, and well organized, making it easy to understand, maintain, and extend. This book will concentrate on those aspects of Merb that are of most interest to programmers with the appropriate background including flexible routing, gem plug–ins, working with APIs, and part and mail controllers. Who is this book for? It assumes that the reader is an...

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