Modal and Temporal Properties of Processes (Texts in Computer Science)

Modal and Temporal Properties of Processes (Texts in Computer Science)
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


Extensive data on the theoretical and practical aspects of electronic reference services! Digital Reference Services provides an overview of electronic reference services and software, and explores the opportunities that real-time digital reference services can offer in a variety of library settings. Experts in the field convey numerous opinions and theory about the growth of this new approach to answering reference questions. This book teaches librarians new methods and techniques for offering technologically advanced reference services to the public. The first half of Digital Reference Services includes such topics as: real-time or "live online" reference services the historical development of digital reference services and the roleof the reference librarian mediated online searches how to create a virtual-ready reference collection of elite reference Web sites-includes a list of the top sites available to the public how to start and operate a...

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